NEK Straightening Cream Relaxing Cream Rebonding 140ml
NEK Straightening Cream Relaxing Cream Rebonding 140ml Straightening Cream Hair Care Malaysia, Pahang Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | FTK MAJU TRADING (M) SDN BHD
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A relaxing straightening cream that gives your hair permanent straight and smooth natural looking long hair and to make frizzy, curly or wavy hair completely straight while preserving the hair's healthy.

Just use it with normal straight comb brush to comb it straight throughout the entire process to make your hair smooth, shinny and straight.

Direction of use

1. Make sure your hair is clean & dry(do not use any hair oils/ hair cream before)
2. Make your hair into 4 sections
3. Apply Cream number 1 onto your hair evenly
4. And then comb your hair straight. Do not bend your hair or make any curves in case it will shaped your hair into waves
5. Wait for 20 minutes, and then check your hair whether still have elastic or not. If still have elastic, wait for another 5 minutes.
6. After that, wash your hair with water only. No need to use shampoo.
7. Dry your hair
8. Apply cream 2 onto your hair and comb it straight
9. Wait for 20 minutes
10. Wash off with NE enhance treatment (Not incld in this purchase)
11. Done ✅

2)头发干了后用染发梳/梳子把1号膏均匀的抹在头发上,梳顺和梳直头发 然后等大概20-25分钟。不要让头发弯曲 避免头发成型有痕迹。
7)等15分钟左右 就可以用chemical enhance treatment (不包括在内) 清洗

Nek Relaxing Cream

1. Shampoo rambut sebelum guna
2. Membelah rambut ke 4 sections
3. Apply cream Nombor 1
4. Sikat cream tu ke rambut sama rata dan dgn lurus ( xmau bengkok rmbut)
5. Tunggu 20-25min dan check kan rambut ada elastic tak. Selepas rambut xda elasticity, Bilas rambut dgn air saja, x shampoo/ conditioner
6. Keringkan rambut, guna hair dryer
7. Apply cream number 2 Sama cara dgn cream 1. Apply cream sama rata ke rambut
8. Tunggu 20 minit
9. Bilas dgn Wellsen NE Chemical cream(not included)
10. Done ✅

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