Wahl hair clipper change a new housing

Chen Feng Hair Clipper

feature: Strong power and low noise. Sharp, durable and high shear efficiency. Four replaceable limit combs. Large-capacity lithium battery, fast charging. Fashionable, compact and convenient. Note 1. Our product comes with USB cable 2. The lubricating oil is liquid, belongs to the double bass items, the airline and customs do not accept the transit, please note! Thanks for understanding, good day.

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Mosuko cool clean and clipper blade care - Use Teaching 使用教学

Use Teaching

Take care of the Commentary of the hair clipper tool ! 如何照顾电剪的卫生和刀头的寿命度!

use the MOSUKO COOL CLEAN and CLIPPER BLADE CARE , clean the clipper blade and take care of the life of the hair clipper blade !

Saloon And Barber Opening SOP ! 美发行业“标准操作流程解说”


Barber with Saloon Cutting is different

one barber cutting wan to use 3-4 clipper , but saloon only use 1-2 clipper only! the cutting of layering is different !

How to Fade Difficult hair ★ Barber Tutorial



GlamPalm Hair Straightener

Size : 501BL (B) 313BL (M) 225AL (S)

Glampalm Can protect Your Damage Hair !

Glampalm From Korea ! Sydney Hair Expo

Protable Hair Steamer

1. Sterilization and anti-scurf with ozone The hot steam and ozone given off from the steamer will accelerate the penetration of the hairdressing gel to make the nutrient ingredients go into the chaff scale of the hair sufficiently and nourish hair in deeper layer. Ozone can effectively remove scurf, sterilize, relieve itching, eliminate the filth in the pores of the hair and reduce baldness so as to achieve black and bright hair. The scalp will be free of itching after use of one time and the scurf will be decreased obviously after use for three times. 2.Hair care with anion The anion device equipped with this apparatus will generate anion which combined by the oxygen molecule with negative charges in the air and the tiny hydrone. When blow anion to the hair which carry positive charges due to the accumulation of static, the moisture will be permeable into the hair blow-dry the hair so as to achieve the effect of moisturizing. It has the efficacy of hair care and promoting blood circulation of scalp. 3. Accelerating absorption of nutrient: Steam can go deep into hair root and the steam mist spray has the effect of moisturizing and styling for the hair. The steam will permeate into the pore of the hair to soften the oil dirt, residue and filth accumulated in the pores so as to achieve the effect of deeply removing these wastes, enhancing skin micro-circulation, accelerating metabolism of the cells, improving hair quality and quickening nutrient absorption. Only by the means of oil-nourishing steam can it play a role Features: Brand new and high quality. 2 in 1 application: Hair Steamer (treating brittle & damaged hair) and Facial Steamer (treating pores & dry skin). Provide valuable nutrients to unhealthy hair. Treat brittle & damaged hair. Ideal for treating pores & dry skin. Reduces blemishes, acne, & more. Table top design for personal care at home or salon. UV ozone function to increase the vapor quantity. Clean water usage, no need to put any chemicals or additives. Auto shut-off function for safety when the water level mark is too low. Easy and convenient to use. Sprayer has the function of generating O3 (Ozone). Rotatable spray tube for a comfortable angle. Mini size, easy to carry. SPECIFICATIONS: Material: PP Material Support Pillar Material:Stainless Steel Voltage: 220V Power: 400W Diameter of Hair Bowl: 34cm Note: 1. Please read instruction before initial operation and keep it for further reference. 2. Please add tap water. If you prefer clearwater, please add some salt. Otherwise, it will keep beeping and won't work. 3. Please check the water cup before use. If it doesn't buckle tightly, vapour will leak out, even causing a short circuit. 4. Please connect the hair cover tightly in accordance with normal steps. Otherwise, vapour may leak out.

Barber Pole Display

we have repair barber pole and selling aq new one !

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